BUPA Aged Care Retirement Village, Napier NZ

Pressure Sewer | 19 Oct 2020

The new BUPA Retirement Village in Napier, New Zealand, is a $76 million development consisting of over 100 villas with a community centre, library and activities room to be constructed in future stages, providing quality independent living and care facilities for elderly residents. As the five hectare site is situated on relatively flat ground, a pressure sewer pump station was required to collect and transfer the wastewater flows from the development.

Aquatec provided design assistance to Fluent Solutions throughout the project, working to arrive at the best sizing combination to meet emergency storage requirements while ensuring that a viable and sustainable solution was achieved.

The final design for the BUPA project incorporated a Quadplex (four pump) OGP+ Pressure Sewer System including a fibreglass pump chamber and OmniSmart Multi controller, together with a FRP horizontal storage vessel delivered as a complete turn-key package.

The fibreglass vessels were custom manufactured to the exact dimensions required and fully designed to suit the unique ground conditions by Aquatec’s structural composite engineering team, being installed at an earthquake-prone site with challenging soil types and high groundwater levels. The pump station and separate storage vessel are sized to ensure efficient operation in the initial stages with fewer active connections, whilst still providing the storage redundancy and ultimate discharge capacity that will be required at project maturity.

The Quadplex OGP+ pump configuration also helps to accommodate the development’s staged construction – the number of pumps operating simultaneously increases in response to higher inflow volumes. The BUPA site is serviced by a pressure sewer connection and will produce over 50KL of wastewater daily at peak loadings, flows which previously would not have been able to be discharged into the council network using traditional progressive cavity technology. However, Aquatec’s OGP+ commercial pressure sewer pumps are designed to process 20KL per pump per day, making the entire project possible.