Custom designed fibreglass storage vessels for your project

Our fibreglass storage vessels are structurally engineered to handle critical inflows to exact specifications.

Aquatec’s fibreglass storage vessels perform a vital service for the community every day.

Our storage vessels are an integral part of Australia’s infrastructure.

Manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards, our storage vessels meet stringent quality control measures to achieve superior product quality and longevity, and hold current IPAM (Infrastructure Products and Materials) approval for installation in the South-East Queensland region.


Our technical consultants work closely with you to establish a detailed understanding of your requirements and site conditions to determine storage volumes and layout solutions.

Diameter 1000mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 780-27,500L

*As one piece

Diameter 1200mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 1,100-39,600L

*As one piece

Diameter 1500mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 1,750-61,800L

*As one piece

Diameter 1800mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 2,550-89,000L

*As one piece

Diameter 2000mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 3,150-110,000L

*As one piece

Diameter 2500mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 4,900-171,800L

*As one piece

Diameter 3000mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 7,050-247,500L

*As one piece

Diameter 3500mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 9,600-336,750L

*As one piece

Diameter 4000mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 12,550-439,800L

*As one piece

Diameter 4500mm
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 15,900-556,650L

*As one piece

Diameter 5000mm*
Length (Metres) 1-35m*
Volume (Litres) 19,600-687,200L

*Maximum size as one piece

Optimised design
We structurally engineer and design every storage vessel for optimum performance during projected peak in-flows and ground conditions on-site.

Filament wound construction
By using state-of-the-art computerised winders, and the highest-grade resilient resins and rovings, we can achieve benchmark standards of integrity.

One-piece chamber
Cylinder, end caps and access maintenance holes are formed as one piece to strengthen the overall structure. This one piece vessel saves installation time and costs.

Advantage over concrete
Unlike precast concrete alternatives, horizontal pipes, maintenance hole risers and end caps are glassed in a factory environment to create an impervious structure.

Advanced ribbed construction
This achieves the equivalent strength of traditional flat construction, meaning less materials, a reduced cost and a minimised environmental footprint.

The clear eco choice

Because we deliver each vessel as a one-piece unit, we can minimise any disruption of the natural environment of each site.

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