Our water and wastewater reuse systems reduce demand on potable water supplies for municipal, industrial and private projects.


Our water reuse systems are designed on a project-by-project basis.

We provide tailored solutions that exceed local regulatory requirements, and assist clients who share our forward-thinking approach to conservation.

Aquatec’s reuse systems recycle stormwater, rainwater and industrial water to generate alternative sources for municipal or industrial processes, or any situation in which secondary water is deemed a suitable alternative to potable water.

From treatment through to distribution, Aquatec’s reuse systems are responsive to site accessibility, quality control, reliability of supply and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Our technical engineers partner with environmental and wastewater consultants to plan, design and deliver treatment solutions across council, water authority, commercial and industrial uses.


Toilet Flushing
Garden Irrigation
Car Washing
Public Reserves
Playing Fields / Golf Courses
Wash-down Water
Cooling Towers
Process Water
Dust Suppression
Vehicle Washing
Garden Irrigation
Shower Water
Laundry Water
Kitchen Drinking Water
Wash-down Water
Boiler Systems
Cooling Towers

Water is captured at the source, then treated, stored and distributed, reducing the use of potable water where recycled water can provide a more economically and environmentally friendly solution.

Aquatec’s treatment processes are governed by the quality of the water source and the grade of water required prior to distribution.

We approach every project individually, based on pollutants identified after client research, industrial, commercial or industrial contaminants present in the water source, and the intended sites for water reuse.

Our reuse systems are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our manufacturing process is subject to a series of strict quality control measures, and all proprietary storage tanks are stringently tested and certified prior to delivery.


Our systems deliver a range of benefits.

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