Concrete Pump Station & Storage Vessel, Weyers Road, QLD

A first for the area, with our end-to-end service delivering in a short timeframe.

Shadforths Civil Contractors
Nudgee, QLD

A new stage of the Weyers Road development in Nudgee, Queensland, required a sewer pump station which would lift sewerage and pump it to a discharge point.

End-to-end service

This would be the first precast pump station for this area, which needed to conform to the specifications for Queensland Urban Utilities.

Shadforths Civil Contractors needed a high quality yet economical solution to be delivered within a short timeframe. Aquatec was engaged as we were able to provide a complete solution including detailed design, water authority approval, construction and commissioning.

Our solution included full detailed design, council approval, delivery, construction, fitout and commissioning of a 2250mm diameter x 5200mm-deep concrete pumping chamber, and a 30,000L fibreglass storage vessel measuring 2500mm in diameter x 6.7m in length.

“Timeframe was everything on this one, and Aquatec delivered a pump station quicker than anyone else had previously, to Queensland Urban Utilities standards. I have worked with Harvey and the team for numerous years and communication and service has always been excellent and professional from start to finish.”

— Michael Bishop – Regional Construction Manager, Shadforths Civil Contractors