Residential Pressure Sewer System Upgrade – Rye Coastal VIC

Our residential pressure sewer systems are replacing septic tanks for the Victorian communities of Rye and Belgrave.

South East Water (SEW)
Rye Coastal & Belgrave Heights, Victoria

Our residential pressure sewer systems are replacing septic tanks for the Victorian communities of Rye and Belgrave.

Partnering with an industry leader

At both the coastal township of Rye and the suburban neighbourhood of Belgrave, failing septic tanks were posing a risk to public health, the environment and local waterways. Through community engagement, collaborating with South East Water and developing customised solutions, our pressure sewer system upgrade will help both communities for years to come.

Sharing leading technology

Working in partnership with South East Water, we developed a control panel which incorporated its award-winning SurePoint technology for advanced management of the pressure sewer network.

This technology enables SEW staff to set control functions across individual properties within the network. Reticulation conditions and flows can be monitored and managed in real time across the region, with battery back-up for alarms to circumvent power failure.

00 Custom Manufacturing

Aquatec developed a customised pressure sewer level transducer, manufactured to meet the ongoing demands of South East Water’s pressure sewer network. This delivers continuous, 24/7 monitoring of tank levels for complete management of the system to control flow to the treatment plant.


01 IP68 Fully Submersible Pumps

The scope and scale of this project required product adaptations to cater for the needs of residential properties and commercial businesses, with pumps and chambers sensitive to power availability and ongoing consumption, as well as operation in wet or dry conditions. This involved:

  • simplex units with SGPC single-phase pumps to service the everyday needs of residential properties
  • duplex units with OGP+ twin-stage centrifugal pumps to handle the daily demands of commercial properties
  • triplex units manufactured on request for large-scale commercial use and public areas

All units were connected to a common line within the reticulation network for reduced operational costs.


02 Accredited training for quality control

Aquatec provided accredited training to South East Water’s preferred installation providers, ensuring every pressure unit was installed correctly and to specification. In addition, customised product manuals provided an ongoing reference for the unique design features deployed across the network.

03 Community consultation and education

Community consultation sessions were conducted by South East Water to inform residents of the conversion from septic tanks to residential pressure sewer systems.

As a project partner, we attended to assist with question and answer sessions. We also supplied literature to help educate residents on the benefits of sealed residential pressure sewer systems for local waterways and the surrounding environment.

04 A long-term partnership

As the Pressure Sewer network rolled out across Rye Coastal and Belgrave Heights areas, we commissioned regular audits across residential and commercial sites to ensure installations adhered to Aquatec’s high quality standards.

A purpose-built service trailer with a generator back-up, a pressure washer, spare parts and a WHS-approved lifting trolley provides maintenance personnel with easy access to required tools for the ongoing maintenance of pressure sewer units across the network.