Fibreglass Storage Vessel, Strathalbyn, South Australia

Alexandrina Council
Strathalbyn, Adelaide Hills, SA

Partnering with WGA Consulting Engineers and installation contractor Adams & Co. Constructions, Aquatec designed, manufactured, and delivered a fibreglass storage vessel to collect the sewer flows from over 680 households.

The wastewater upgrade was a high-priority project for Alexandrina Council.

Alexandrina Council owns and operates five Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) which are in Goolwa/Hindmarsh Island, Port Elliot, Milang, Mount Compass and Strathalbyn.

The CWMS collect, treat and recycle 100% of the domestic wastewater that is collected via a series of gravity drains. This equates to around 500ML of wastewater being reused each year.*

The Council needed to buffer its wastewater storage capacity at the Fairfield Drive site, to optimise the treatment process and maximise the efficiency of the recycling system at the Strathalbyn CWMS.


With a 100-year design life guarantee the fibreglass storage vessel manufactured by Aquatec responded to the Council’s forward-thinking approach to wastewater infrastructure planning, with an emphasis on durability and sustainability.

The Aquatec solution

The domestic wastewater is pumped via a series of gravity drains to the Community Wastewater Management Scheme in Strathalbyn.

In line with the project scope we designed, manufactured and installed the following components:

  • 1x 2.5m diameter x 11m long fibreglass (FRP) storage vessel, with a 50,000 litres capacity
  • 2 x 900mm diameter FRP risers
  • 2 x Terra Firma 760mm diameter Class E lids will be loose supplied
  • 1 x McBerns GM300 ground mounted odour filter will be loose supplied with the vessel.

All the inlet, outlet and vent connection spigots were pre-fitted prior to delivery for ease of installation on-site. The fibreglass storage vessel is suitable for non-trafficable installation and engineered for full groundwater.



Aquatec storage vessel installation