Pressure Sewer Pump Station & Storage Vessel – Westport Flood Relief Housing, New Zealand

Davis Ogilvie
Alma Road, Westport, South Island | New Zealand

In 2022, after devastating flooding in New Zealand's Buller District, a site on Alma Road in Westport was used to build temporary housing for displaced families.

Delivering a stand-out solution to service 22 housing relief units

Aquatec partnered with consultants Davis Ogilvie, Joseph & Associates and WestReef Services to deliver a wastewater system that would collect and transfer sewage from 22 housing units into the Council sewer network.

The development, constructed by the Buller District Council | Te Kaunihera O Kawatiri provided temporary housing for the local residents. The development ensured that local residents could remain in their community and stay connected to essential services such as wastewater. This was particularly crucial as their homes were being repaired and rebuilt after the natural disaster. The successful implementation of the wastewater system has significantly contributed to the community’s resilience and recovery.

“Given the fluctuating flows on the receiving rising main, the OGP Pump Plus was quite well suited; it did a constant flow at the variety ahead, and that was quite key for us being able to drain down the pump station.”

— Gary Stevenson, Principal Civil Engineer, Davis Ogilvie 

A tailored system to meet all requirements

Davis Ogilvie and their partners were tasked with the engineering design for the internal and external site works, along with the external services connecting the site to the Council’s reticulation network. Aquatec was brought on board to design, construct and deliver the required infrastructure.

In line with the project scope, the following components were supplied:

  • 1 x Duplex Pressure Sewer Pump Station, incorporating 2 x OGP 1.5kw, 415v, three-phase submersible two-stage centrifugal pressure sewer grinder pumps (Duty/Standby)
  • 1 x 37,250 litre (2000mmØ x 12000mm long) horizontal fibreglass storage vessel manufactured to AS2634/BS4994
  • 1 x free-standing switchboard

Unlike positive displacement pumps, which features a 2-stage centrifugal design, Aquatec’s Omni Grind Plus+ (OGP+) pump is a commercial grade pump. It produces significantly higher flows and can operate continuously without undue wear to pump mechanisms.

The pumps and pipework were mounted inside a 17,000 litre (2000mmØ x 5650mm deep) fibreglass (FRP) chamber manufactured to BS4994/ AS2634.

“Being able to have something lightweight, structurally strong, and able to store that volume of liquid was important. In terms of the FRP solution, it was a lot quicker and could be done off-site, delivered to the site and put into the ground quite quickly. Health and safety-wise it meant people weren’t in the ground for very long at all.”

— Gary Stevenson, Principal Civil Engineer, Davis Ogilvie 

Fulfilling our values – Collaboration | Innovation | Excellence

  • Aquatec worked closely with all the stakeholders, including the Council’s project managers, David Ogilvies’ team, Joseph and Associates’ consultants, and WestReef partners, throughout each project stage to ensure the timely delivery of the flood relief accommodation.
  • Our products and processes exceeded the environmental and operational standards. We ensured that our solution was designed, manufactured and installed in compliance with the regulatory requirements.
Aquatec freestanding switchboard

“The Aquatec solution stood out for the speed of the design turnaround and installation, as we were in a short time frame, so it stood out as the best solution for us.“

— Jason Mill, Project Management Associate, Joseph & Associates